Music & Off-Voice for the documentary Harald Naegeli - der Sprayer von Zürich

I had the sincerest honour of writing & producing the music for the movie "Harald Naegeli - der Sprayer von Zürich" which will have its world premiere at this year‘s ZURICH FILM FESTIVAL on September 25! I‘m really excited to have been able to participate in this beautiful document about the sprayer Harald Naegeli, who‘s art I‘m following since I‘m a kid.

You will as well hear me talk through the movie in the german version. *first job as a speaker aiiiih*

In cinemas from November on!


Art Performance Pop Duo (2010-2020)
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Drums & Vocals Art Pop Duo
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Clap Clap Therapy II

Soundperformance at Sattelkammer Bern Oct 2019, Collaboration with Blond & Gilles

Träumt ein Wal vom Menschsein

Sounddesign, Live-Music & Acting in LAB junges Theater Zürich's piece "Träumt ein Wal vom Menschsein", 2018

Mini Stadt

Soundcomposition & Fieldrecordings for LAB junges Theater Zürich's piece "Mini Stadt", 2019

She's The Moon

Collaboration on the song "She's The Moon" for Erik Truffaz' new album released on the 11.10.19 on Warner Music France.

Flury & The Nuborns

Vocals and Percussion in Flury & The Nuborns 2017/2018
Michael Flury

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